Agenda – Africa investor (Ai) CEO Investment Summit and Investment & Business Leader Awards 2015

The Africa investor CEO Investment Summit, held in association with the IFC and the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Pratice in advance of the Annual Meetings, is an annual CEO business and government

forum designed to facilitate action, to highlight and enhance the investment climate, and shed light on Africa’s investment success stories. The Summit will comprise a number of CEO-led panels that will showcase high-growth opportunity sectors, and will include feedback from public and private sector leaders working on these issues. The outcomes of these panels are designed to enable panellists to take the recommendations forward in their own organisations and promote uptake across their networks throughout the year.

25 September 2015

08h00 – 09h00


09h00 – 09h30

Welcome and Opening Remarks

09h30 – 10h20

Leaders’ Panel: Africa’s Trade and Competitiveness Success Stories

When African countries improve their business and trade environment, their GDP growth accelerates faster than that of non-reforming countries. This session will showcase the various success stories and projects pioneered by governments, business and development partners in Africa. Public and private sector leaders on the panel will discuss their forward-looking strategies and plans to improve Africa’s attractiveness as an investment destination, as well as partnership opportunities for business and development leaders to participate in.

10h20 – 10h40

Networking Break

10h40 – 11h20

Regional Integration Leaders’ Panel: Tackling the Obstacles to Trade and Investment

Weak infrastructure and red tape are recognised as major inhibitors to intra-
African trade, which sits at less than 15%, compared with 60% in Europe and Asia, and 40% in North America. In this session, regional leaders and key African business champions will discuss strategies and projects to attract and implement trade-related infrastructure investments and the policy leadership required to streamline trade-related regulations.

11h20 – 12h10

Capital Market and Private Equity Leaders: Mobilising Capital for Investments into African Businesses

This session will look at African capital market initiatives and the relationship between growing SMEs in Africa and the opportunities to use the growth of the sector to create a pipeline of IPO-related exits. Leaders will discuss what needs to happen, how these strategies should be pursued, and will speculate on the consequent benefits of doing the same.

12h10 – 13h10

Post-Conflict Country Lunch: Heads of State Perspectives

Prominent leaders from formerly conflict-affected African countries will deliver high-level presentations on investment opportunities in their countries.

13h10 – 13h50

Agribusiness Leaders’ Roundtable: Unlocking Agribusiness Investments Through Better Trade and Investment Policies

In this session, key industry players will look at the growth and opportunities in Africa’s agribusiness sector; the pipeline of bankable deals and how better trade policies – both in export and import countries and as part of regional trade agreements – can support and attract investment in this sector.

13h50 – 14h40

Leaders’ Roundtable on Cross-border Banking in Africa

The emergence of regional cross-border banks from several African countries is a driving force of financial sector integration and has profound implications for national and cross-border banking supervision. This panel will bring together policy makers and selected private sector representatives to discuss strategies for increasing the benefits of cross-border banking in Africa. A series of private sector partnership proposals will also be advanced during the panel.

14h40 – 15h00

Networking Break

15h00 – 15h50

Creating the New Generation of Large African Companies

Africa’s established large companies continue to be mining and metal companies or financial institutions. While a new generation of large telecom companies is emerging, following privatisation and new competition policies, innovative new SMEs are finding it hard to expand in an environment that does not necessarily reward innovation and competitiveness. This session will explore how the World Bank and development partners can assist in the creation of a new generation of large African companies.

15h50 – 16h25

Closing Keynote


Ai Investment and Business Leader 2015 Awards Ceremony

Presented and hosted by Africa investor, the winners of the Ai Investment and Business Leader Awards 2015 will be announced during a cocktail function during the Ai CEO Investment Summit at the same venue.